About FexEngine


***What it is?

FexEngine is a project currently in develompment with the goal to build a Game engine similar to those used in games like classic Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, etc.

The main idea is to build a set of tools and a main level player executable that allow people to build 3d adventures using customizable media; we want to create a MOD plataformer.

*****Is this another tool for doing MODs for Tomb Raider game like NLGE, dxtre3d, TREP does?

NO, this is not a Tomb Raider editor anymore, Fexengine is not used for create usuable data for any tomb raider game version. It use his own propetary file format data and executables, and so it CAN NOT be used to play any old TR levels. I am not longer related to build or update tomb raider level editor tools and Fexengine is nothing about that.

**** Is Fexengine capable to build games with same quality as Tomb Raider Legend or underworld?

Lets be clear on somthing, profesional games like Tomb Raider underworld or Prince of persia are build by games studios companies, it involve hugh amount peoples, teams about 60-100 persons, Artits, programmers, enginers, modelers, musicians; they come to work to the office EVERY day at mornig, all they spend at least ten hours dially working in the game, and they do that for about 2 whole years until they finish the game. All people involved directly or indirectly building that game in those two years get paid montly, also it is paid all necesary resources involved in de develompment, so the game end expending about 20 or 30 millions dollars.

Now, you are just a guy with a couple friends trying to build somthing similar, working few hours after school and weekends, with not money to buy or build original content; so do you really think you can do something same as good as profesional games?, do you think i can give you a magical set of tools that can do that for you?.

Visual quallity in game depend how much effort and assets you put in your scene; however i dont think fexengine is capable to render those kind scenes with multi-millions triangles and gigabytes of textures.


****Is this an Open Source project?

This is not a open source project, it is actually a closed source project, mean the source code is not available to everyone; the rights belong to those that i accept to participate as programmers and contribute adding code to the project, but the resulting product is going to be free accesible to the public.


**** What it is the current status of the project or when it going to be finished.

Please, consult the NEWS sections about the status of the project.